具备尖端时尚的摄影理念 深度的审美取向以及团队的合作精神 我们擅长欧美最流行的视觉"手段"和东方的美学相结合,以简洁的方式、 不同寻常的视角,以及秉持一贯的"全自然拍摄"理念,记录下每一对新人的幸福时光...

完美的沟通,爱美汇让你的梦想绽放 科技创造可能,创新成就梦想, 我们的创新比一时的潮流更能抵拒时间的迁移

短短的三年间 我们迅速的发展了自己专业的摄影团队 和国际化的合作团队 创造了独家的品牌口碑。同时也感谢那些摄影道路上。默默支持我们的朋友。自然、真实是永恒不变 的时尚。爱美汇,带给你爱情道路上最全新的体验。       爱美汇浪漫主义婚纱摄影会所——就像我们的名字一样 我们崇尚自然,以"爱"为美。拒绝千篇一律 拒绝矫揉造作 甚至呆呆的实景和我们一起,走出来 穿上婚纱 和你的白马 王子 在镜头前尽情展现只属于你们的幸福。原来 一切可以那么生动。简单。。幸福是生生不息,抬起头就可以触及。几十年后 这些凝固的时光 都将是你们最美的回忆爱美汇 量身 打造只属于你们的幸福影像放大你们幸福瞬间的细节就是时尚为您抒写 可以看的见的时光。 Beauty-loving huili read:Tianjin first on-the-spot report photography work room remove scomplicated ostentatiouslyshows the most naturalization photogrDuring short three years we have deve loped the collaborative team of oneself specialized photography team and internationalization rapidly have created the exclusive brand reputation. Also thanked on these photographic paths. Suppo rts our friends silently. The nature, real is fashion of eternally unchangining.Likes to look good to collect, takes to you on love path the brand-newest experience. aphy for you heartily instantaneous.        Likes to look good to collect romanticism nuptial dress photography office - we advocates the nature like our names, takes \"love\" as beautifully. Refuses to reject the affected even dull real-life scenery stereotyped and we together, Walks to put on the nuptial dress and your put on airs shows in front of the lens heartily onlybelongs to your happiness. Originally all can be so vivid. . Simple. . The happiness grows continually, is on the rise can touch. Dozens years later time of these coagulations are you most beautiful recollection will like to look good to collect The time of tailor only be longs to your happy image enlargements you happy instantaneous detail is the fashion for seeing that you express in writing to look.
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